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The Integrus fully digital infrared language distribution system has been specifically designed for multilingual conferences and meetings to enable delegates to understand what is being said. Simultaneous interpretation of presentations and speeches in the delegate’s own language is transmitted to a pocket receiver and headphones. Because it is an infrared system, conference or meeting participants can move freely around the location whilst still able to follow proceedings.

The system is highly flexible and offers exceptional audio quality, making it ideal for conference centers and international organizations, no matter what the size of the event or venue. As a result, it has become the infra-red language distribution system of choice for event organizers.

The name Integrus is derived from the Latin ‘Integritas’, meaning ‘correctness in language’, ‘pure’, and ‘undistorted’. Calling on Bosch’s advanced technologies and unparalleled experience, Integrus ensures an exceptionally comfortable listening experience where language distribution is required.


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Quick overview of Bosch Integrus set-up

The transmitter is the central element of the Integrus system. It accepts inputs from either analog or digital sources, modulates these signals on to carrier waves, and then transmits the waves to infrared radiators located elsewhere in the room. The transmitter accommodates special interface modules to ensure compatibility with these external signal sources. Depending on the transmitter model, up to 32 separate channels can be transmitted simultaneously.

The output of the infrared radiators is intensity-modulated infrared radiation. Each delegate is supplied with a pocket receiver, which has a lens to collect the infrared signal and direct it to the sensor. These signals are then decoded back into interpretation languages, which are chosen by delegates using a channel selector and passed to the delegate's headphones.

Number of channels

The Integrus gives the user real flexibility in choosing the number of required channels. By using a much higher frequency band (2 to 8 MHz) it offers four quality modes:

The Integrus can therefore provide a maximum of 32 standard quality audio channels (which means up to 31 different interpretations + the floor language), more than enough to accommodate even the largest international conferences. It can also be configured for high quality stereo sound, with up to eight different channels available for applications like multimedia presentations or music distribution. Combinations of standard and premium quality configuration are also possible.

User-friendly channel selection

The Integrus receivers offer the user the exact amount of channels available. This eliminates having to scroll through the unused channels before reaching the required signal. All receivers in the system automatically update themselves if the number of available channels changes.

Installation and maintenance of the system

The Integrus system is easy to install (installation time is largely determined by the time required to position and align the radiators); connection of the transmitters is straightforward and quick. The transmitter has slots for modules that enable interfacing with digital or analogue conference systems. All information regarding installation, configuration and system status is given on the transmitter front-panel display. The display also shows the menu, which allows all system parameters to be set or altered. One easy to use button is all that is required to select all menu options.

Circuitry in the transmitter and matching circuitry in the radiators allows effective monitoring of the infrared radiator function. The status of the radiators is indicated on the transmitter display and by LEDs on each radiator. The system is also easy to maintain, maintenance of the receivers generally involves recharging or replacing the batteries they use.

Once installed, the system can be easily extended to accommodate more conference delegates, simply by adding the required number of extra receivers. The basic system structure will remain the same.

Testing Coverage

The Integrus receivers have an ingenious feature, which allows installers to test the coverage of infrared radiators without the need for measuring equipment. Simply by walking throughout the venue holding a receiver in measuring mode, it is possible to check the coverage at every point. This makes it easy to see whether extra radiators are required or if the positioning of existing ones should be altered. NTE may be able to provide a site survey of your proposed installation, please just contact us for assistance.

Integrated Charging Electronics

A breakthrough in technology has made receiver charging more reliable than ever. The process is regulated from the Integrus system IC, although each receiver now has integrated electronics to allow it to manage its own charging process. This ensures optimum charging performance and maximum battery lifetime.

Room Coupling

For distributing interpretations to multiple rooms, the Integrus transmitter has a master / slave operation mode. This means that separate (slave) transmitters can be located in the other rooms, providing exactly the same functionality as the master transmitter and proving local outputs for radiators. This removes the need to connect the radiators required for the additional rooms to one transmitter, which cuts the amount of wiring required and eliminates the risk of capacity overload.

Emergency or auxiliary input

To provide delegates with an additional degree of safety and security, the infrared transmitter unit includes an additional auxiliary input, which overrides all active audio channels. This auxiliary input allows the immediate distribution of emergency messages to all active channels. The auxiliary input may also be used for the distribution of music or other information.

Complete integration with Bosch DCN conference systems

Integrus integrates seamlessly with the DCN Next Generation, DCN wireless and DCN Multimedia conference systems using an optical network for a maximum 31 different languages, plus floor language. Use Integrus with CCS 900 Ultro or CCS1000 and the analog 6-channel interpreter desk for perfect reception at smaller meetings. Or easily interface with virtually any other brand of congress system.

Other uses: Music distribution and hearing assistance

The Integrus offers more than just language (interpretation) distribution. Its flexibility and high audio quality also make it suitable for:

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