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DCN Integrus infrared distribution parts list

Part no. Description Qty
INT-TX04 Integrus 4 channel transmitter
INT-TX08 Integrus 8 channel transmitter
INT-TX16 Integrus 16 channel transmitter
INT-TX32 Integrus 32 channel transmitter
DCN-FCCCU Integrus flight case
LBB 4511/00 Integrus Infra-red radiator, medium power to 1000m sq
LBB 4512/00 Integrus Infra-red radiator, high power to 2000m sq
LBB 3414/00 Integrus Infra-red radiator, wall mounting bracket
INT-FCRAD Integrus Infra-red radiator flight case
LM1-CB Carrier Bag for 2 Universal Floorstands
LBC 1259/00 Bosch Universal Floorstand
LBB 4540/04 Integrus pocket receiver - 4 channel
LBB 4540/08 Integrus pocket receiver - 8 channel
LBB 4540/32 Integrus pocket receiver - 32 channel
LBB 4560/00 Integrus charging unit case (56 rec) portable
LBB 4560/50 Integrus charging unit case (56 rec) fixed
INT-FCRX Integrus storage case (100 receivers)
LBB 4550/00 Integrus NiMH battery pack
LBB 3441/10 Bosch under the chin headphones
LBB 3441/50 Replacement Ear Tips (500) for LBB3441/10
LBB 3442/00 Bosch single earphone
LBB 3443/00 Bosch lightweight headphones
LBB 3443/10 Bosch lightweight headphones, durable cable
LBB 3443/50 Replacement foam ear pads (50) for LBB 3443
HDP-LWSP Replacement solid ear pads (50) for LBB 3443
LBB 3015/04 Bosch high quality dynamic headphones
LBB 9095/30 Bosch interpreter headphones
LBB 9095/50 Replacement ear pads (25) for LBB 3015+ LBB9095 headphones
HDP-LWN Lightweight stereo neckband headphone
HDP-LWNEP Replacement ear pads (50) for HDP-LWN
LBB 3222/04 Bosch Interpreter desk
LBB 3422/20 Bosch symmetrical studio input and interpreter module
LBB 3306/00 Installation cable 100m, without connectors
LBB 3306/05 Extension cable 5m, 25-pole sub-D type plug and socket
LBB 3306/20 Extension cable 20m, 25-pole sub-D type plug and socket


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